Muhammad Ali Lakhni – Biography of Shipping Industry in Dubai UAE

Mr Muhammad Ali Lakhani is one of the most successful shipping professional in Pakistan. He is Muhammad Tahir Lakhani’s son and just like his father; Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai is also interested in Tennis. You must be aware that Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani represented Pakistan in many international tennis games. Similarly, his son, Muhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping, also represented his country at international level. After a short stint in sports, Muhammad Ali Lakhani S decided to pursue his career in the shipping industry.

Talking about the background of Ali Lakhani Shipping, it is known that he was born in Dubai. Initial years of his life was spent in Dubai, and he even completed his schooling in Dubai. Muhammad Ali Lakhani was often travelling between the USA, UK and Dubai along with his father. It is also known that because of his father’s interest, Muhammad Ali Lakhani found Tennis to be exciting.  He did play Tennis for a couple of years, and his father’s motivation allowed him to play the sport during his youth. The passion in-game was evident, and he often played with a lot of zeal.

Soon after representing his country in the international game, he decided to move on and make a career in the shipping industry. He joined his father, and he started learning about the ship breaking industry. Initially, he worked in the UK to gain the experience that proved helpful in life later on. After gaining the required expertise, Muhammad Ali Lakhani moved back to UAE, where he decided to pursue his career.  Muhammad Ali Lakhani had been in Dubai for close to 8 years, and he had been doing very well in the country.

You will be surprised to learn that Ali Lakhani Dubai not only commands the water, but he also loves to control the air. Yes, apart from being a successful entrepreneur in the shipping industry, Muhammad Ali Lakhani also has a lot of interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. In his free time, he is often found building UAVs or testing the models that he builds. If we believe our sources, then Muhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping will soon turn this hobby into a profession to monetize his hobby. Ali Lakhani also holds an RYA Level 2 Captain’s License, and that is why we said that Ali Lakhani loves to command the air and the water.

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai has proved himself in the shipping industry, and he supports his father in the operations of DTC as well. Ali Lakhani Dubai has made significant progress in life, and he is undoubtedly our role model.

Dubai Maritime City Participates

Dubai Maritime City, the world class cluster for maritime activity, announced that the facility and its services were introduced at a specially convened Ship Owner’s meeting at The Capital Club at the Dubai International Financial Centre.

The meeting was attended by Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World, Nikolas Veniamis, President of Hellenic Shipping Association, Greece and also the Owner & Chairman of Golden Union Shipping in Greece, Vinod Shah from ADANI Group, Gujarat India, Robert Murhead, CEO of Mur Shipping and Tahir Lakhani, Chairman, DTA Ship Trading LLC. and Ali Lakhani, Managing Director – DTA Ship Trading. The discussions revolved around mutual collaboration and future co-operation.

Mr. Nikolas Veniamis, President of Hellenic Shipping Association and group visited DMC and Drydocks World Dubai and discussed potential business and set up of operation in dubai. Buamim assured all concerned of Dubai commitment to world maritime business and welcomed the initiatives.

“We were able to discuss the diverse portfolio of services offered at Dubai Maritime City and the growing demand for these from within and outside the region. Additionally, we have launched the Dubai Maritime Green Initiative, which is an industry leading initiative that explores the possibility of using green technology in shipping and encompasses a plethora of programmes. A beginning to this, is the pioneering ‘LNG powered tug,’ project which foresees the possibility of LNG as a commonly used fuel in shipping. The project is being carried out with partners Rolls-Royce and DNV. We seek more such meaningful partnership to develop and aid global shipping,” said Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World.

Dubai Maritime City is attracting global industry players as it is a convenient location for propagating business and trade, adjacent to Drydocks World, one of the largest and most diversified shipyards and in the heart of the global business hub of Dubai, in the UAE.

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